Term Definition
Policy or programme designed to redress historic injustices committed against racial minorities and other specified groups by making special efforts to provide members of these groups with access to educational and employment opportunities. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION attempts to provide immediate remedy for past discrimination and prevent discrimination from taking place in the future. It promotes EQUALITY by recognising that when people are in unequal positions treating them the same perpetuates
The opposite of RULE OF LAW, ie, an environment in which there is no LAW, LAW is ignored, LAW is not applicable or applied to all people within its jurisdiction or different LAWs are applied in similar cases. Too many LAWs or contradictory LAWs may have the same effect of promoting ARBITRARINESS.
The ability to freely determine one’s own course in life. Referring to territory within a STATE: a clearly defined region within a STATE with far-reaching powers of self-government. The STATE retains overall SOVEREIGNTY and some important responsibilities (eg, the legal system (including the CONSTITUTION), overall security (including defence) and relations with foreign STATES).

Compiled and edited by Dr. Stefan Melnik, a senior advisor to the Friedrich Naumann Foundation as well as political communication trainer, editor and author of many books on liberalism. Names of outside contributors are respectively mentioned under the terms.

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